Thursday, September 18, 2014

Attention Attention! A New Blog Will Arise Shortly

I know my decisive wit and charm will be truly missed on Thee Aftermath, but something new and more wonderful is in store for my (vast) audience!

It all started around the tenth grade. Kathleen and I met and it was instant best friend tier kinda love. We've shared everything from bras to secret society status "Bang Lists" (the sexy celebrity crush"bang", not the expulsion kind) to 60-second lunches. But I think the most important thing, the thing that really defines our friendship and our future, is the notebook. We've had a few in the last decade (that's right; it'll be our twelfth year as friends this month!). In them, we've daydreamed about our lives and our future. We've commiserated and celebrated. And we've made many many lists.

And on our way to growing up and growing fabulous, we've crossed off so many wonderful goals and added so many adventures to our lists. Today, a few months after we began a new chapter (FINALLY) as co-workers at a fashion start up together, we will share our new notebook with you: The Adventures of Yon and Kat.

Before memes (and Facebook!) were a thing, Kathleen and I were best friends.

Best Friend Quotes And Sayings | Best friend quotes image by girly-girl-graphics on Photobucket

Signing off, 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Summertime Yummies

Time for the bikini diet to start, ladies and gentlemen!  Don't skimp on me though, because a Hungry Yon is not sexy. 
Small steps 2-3x a week :) 

[Pic notes: cod, spinach, portobello, onions, and red quinoa]

1. I've replaced rice with quinoa every other meal. 
2. Fish fish fish! So yummy and way less fatty than the red meat, lamb, and chicken on bone I usually devour.

[Pic note: Duck sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, red quinoa and an arugula salad with lemon juice/olive oil dressing]
3. And lastly, two nights a week where I have zero drinks. I know, it's really pathetic, but I did say small steps. 

I was going to also post a picture of the shrimp with broccoli I made tonight, but I ate it too quickly and only remembered after I finished. 

What are you guys doing to get ready for summer?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Resolution Time!

Dear friends,

It's that magical time of year again where we make promises to ourselves (and to Facebook) that we'll make ourselves better people and perhaps cherish the wonderful lives that we have.
Now let's be honest though, how often do we actually succeed in fulfilling these resolutions? How many of us actually remember last year's resolution at all? I had to look mine up.  I do think to a certain extent I was more conscious of my goal to stop saying "I'm tired/stressed/busy" when people asked how I was doing... but honestly, I caught myself saying those phrases enough times to piss myself off.

This year, I've decided to join forces with friends to achieve goals.
As always, us American girls will be aiming to get into better shape this year. But instead of making some arbitrary statement of better health/lost weight for the new year, my friends and I have decided to take action and make a road map for success!
Many 30 Day Challenges are in store.
For the month of January, Meghan and I will be doing 30 days of unlimited hot yoga at Bikram Yoga Herald Square.  I enjoy picking up a well priced Living Social deal on exercise classes because it really pushes you mentally to "get your moneys worth" for that time period. I'm aiming for six classes. I usually find that I'm bored of the exercise by month's end so it's perfect timing to exit.
In addition, Kathleen and I will be doing a 30 Day Cardio Challenge. It's just meant to step up our game and supplement our other work outs. So on days where I'm doing yoga or she goes to dodgeball, we get a "pass" from the cardio challenge.
  30 Day New Year Cardio Workout Challenge Chart

Once February hits, we'll be doing a 30 Day Core Challenge ! If we see results, we may repeat in April just in time for swimsuit season :)

The way to success, so we hope, is that we keep each other accountable in our workouts. We log challenge days on a shared google doc and consistently check in via texts and IMs to ensure that a proper level of guilt is bestowed on the flaker.
And Don't quit if you slip up. We are human though after all. In the past, it's taken us more than 30 days to finish a challenge. In the full heat of my masters program, it actually took me 60 days to finish the Guns, Buns and Abs challenge. I stuck with it though and didn't feel down trodden because I "failed." Each day was still a challenge and in the end I had some results to show for it.

So just remember, making a resolution is just one step to reaching a goal. Now you have to put down in stone HOW you'll get there. and Who's going to keep you accountable?

Have a happy snowy new year everyone! 



Sunday, October 13, 2013

Upside Down French and a Sock Bun

In an attempt to fancy myself in a time crunch, I had my coworker, Zoila, help me French braid the bottom of my hair. Then when I got home, I threw a sock bun doughnut in and had someone help me pin the rest around.
This look can take less than 5 minutes if you can upside down French and have mastered the sock bun.

[Pic note: Photo cred: Ryan Brown]

There are two methods.

The Roll Down method: I prefer this one on ladies who have more textured hair than I do and those who have fewer layers.  (Minus the weird toothbrush part... Buy a bristle brush lady!!)
Check out Meghan's look after I gave her the sock bun look for her friend's wedding!
A thickening spray like Bumble and Bumble's, a dry shampoo or just standard hairspray have been helpful to add more "grip" to my hair when I opt for the Roll Down method.

The Wrap Method: This is easier and more stable for glossy or fine hair that tends to fall out of styles easily.  But if your hair is long like mine, you'll likely get that wrap around piece under the bun and aesthetically I am less pleased with this look.

[Pic note: Cab shot! Classy but quick look for a rehearsal dinner]

::Happy styling!::

Friday, October 11, 2013

I Made a Sock Bun Happen!

Too bad this is never how it turns out when I try a sock bun on my own hair.
But at least it was a success for Meghan's hair when I worked my magic for her friend's wedding :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Mascara Tour

Last Christmas, I got more mascara than I knew what to do with.
Here are my raves (and 'not so muches'):

They're Real by benefit
Pros: This stuff builds VERY quickly and is filled with fibers so your lashes look huge and bold with minimal effort. Definitely my go-to when I don't have time for falsies and need a bold 'going out' look. Also does a great job of lifting lashes.
Cons: It comes off in bits and takes a little more effort to rinse off (I steer clear of waterproof mascara b/c I'm too lazy to use make up remover on a daily basis). Also, after a longg night, some of the bits can sometimes rub off under-eye :/

[Pic note: They're Real mascara ]

Longest Lash by Jane Iredale
Pros: The brand adheres to a more natural product. It has a pretty skinny but bristley brush so I've used it for my bottom lashes only (read Cons)
Cons: This product does not layer at all. I could not use this for even my daytime look b/c it's just so light. I've relegated it to bottom lash territory only.

Hypnose Star by Lancome
Pros: Smells like roses and layers very well. This is my go-to day wear mascara of the year. Washes off easily in water.
Cons: None, it's awesome.

Telescopic by L'Oreal
Pros: This is my cheap drugstore go-to product. Love the thin plastic bristles that comb through clumps and gives great bold lash coverage. Layers very well. Washes off easily in water. Lasts forever too.
Cons: Doesn't do anything in the curl territory. 

Diorshow Maximizer and Diorshow Mascara
Pros: The Maximizer is a great primer to add thickness to lashes before putting the mascara on. It also supposedly helps hold a curl. Decent performance but not really worth the price.
Cons: I have the "sample size" so the wand length was hard to work with due to the substantial bristle widtch. Also, having to use two products is annoying. 

Until next Christmas!!
::Happy face::

Monday, July 22, 2013

My First Citibike Incident

Although they resemble a leisurely beach cruiser, Citibikes must be peddled at a more robust pace to keep up with speeding delivery men and of course the cars.
I can only use them on return trips home because I'm often found profusely sweating after a quick ride due in part to my traffic anxiety and also in part to the physical exertion.
Today, I decided to test my endurance with a 2.5 mile run and a one mile cool down bike ride. I set to planning with my handy Citibike app and charted out my 40 blocks of running to end next to a dock site. The thought hadn't crossed my mind that I'd ever get to a station and no bikes would exist. This occasionally happens at the stations by work and it makes little difference to me as I have not grown to depend on them. .. just yet.
So as I peddle my way to the next dock, two women approach me asking if they can take my bike... I stare at them both not really sure what to say except "sure" non-commitally in either of their directions. I dock and wait for them to hash it out on their own but instead of talking amongst themselves they're arguing their sides to me! My worst fear of the moment.
"I've been waiting for the next bike."
"These are like cabs. It's the first person to the curb!" Says the second lady with helmet in hand.
The "waiting lady" eventually won out with stronger body language to take the bike as I stood between them hoping they wouldn't notice me wipe the sweaty seat off.
She thanked me as I scuddled off toward home. Helmet lady ambled away half-heartedly, perhaps thinking about the nearest station... or perhaps what she used to do to get home just a few short months ago.