Sunday, October 13, 2013

Upside Down French and a Sock Bun

In an attempt to fancy myself in a time crunch, I had my coworker, Zoila, help me French braid the bottom of my hair. Then when I got home, I threw a sock bun doughnut in and had someone help me pin the rest around.
This look can take less than 5 minutes if you can upside down French and have mastered the sock bun.

[Pic note: Photo cred: Ryan Brown]

There are two methods.

The Roll Down method: I prefer this one on ladies who have more textured hair than I do and those who have fewer layers.  (Minus the weird toothbrush part... Buy a bristle brush lady!!)
Check out Meghan's look after I gave her the sock bun look for her friend's wedding!
A thickening spray like Bumble and Bumble's, a dry shampoo or just standard hairspray have been helpful to add more "grip" to my hair when I opt for the Roll Down method.

The Wrap Method: This is easier and more stable for glossy or fine hair that tends to fall out of styles easily.  But if your hair is long like mine, you'll likely get that wrap around piece under the bun and aesthetically I am less pleased with this look.

[Pic note: Cab shot! Classy but quick look for a rehearsal dinner]

::Happy styling!::

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